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Bath&shower organic argan 500 ml

Infos: tel. +39 039 60 40 445 jacklon@jacklon.it

Bath & Shower specially developed for sensitive skin,  without aggressive chemical ingredients.

Formulated to restore natural barrier function of the skin, and to improve moisturization and strengthened resistance to external factors.

SCIENTIFIC TESTS guarantee the mildness and safety of the product

Dermatologically tested - Nickel tested - Hypoallergenic

INGREDIENTS added to preserve the physiological balance of the skin

Organic Argan oil, vegetable glycerin, natural origin cleansing actives

ZER0%: Sles & Les -  colorants – parabens- salt added

Allergens - free fragrance (without allergens to be declared according to EU Reg. 1223/2009)

Daily frequence, helps keeping skin moisturized. Neutral pH on the skin.

Employ: Pour some product on the hands, then massage. Rinse normally.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse off. Due its extra mild formula, makes a delicate foam compared with classic product. External use only.

Product code 47252